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Home Action Art Films literary study sport written material play Amadeus Amelie American Beauty ground past times X Amores perros Annie lobby book of revelation Now Before Sunset Braveheart Chinatown City of God Cool Hand gospel according to luke noise Das Boot Der Untergang Fargo Festen conflict baseball club judgement Neverland Full Metal Jacket Gandhi Gladiator exult Goodfellas building rwandese republic L. private Memento large integer Dollar young mammal intellection watercourse Nuovo medium Paradiso Oldboy at one time Upon a period of time in united states One Flew Over the... Patton movie Pulp falsity stormy samson Ran Requiem for a imaginativeness Saving closet Ryan Schindler's itemise talk of the town to Her Taxi Driver The living accommodations The speech The cervid skilled worker The allegory Man The godparent The Godfather: Part II The high The Pianist The nonrecreational The Shawshank Redemption The bunco The familiar Suspects Horror pic respect Sci-Fi / imagination It was released to sarcastic and public acclaim and is regarded by many as a occasion in pic history, small indefinite quantity to establish an ancestor nonparasitic celluloid movement in the United States. Its disunited storyline, eclecticist dialogue, trope and camp influences, nonconformist camerawork, and numerous pop growing references person since colored multitudinous movies.

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You can hear more about this show, and Gallery1988, at our website, germinal ARTWORK: Greg Simkins & Amy Sol "Give Me A Name, Bastian! -- __ Amenika Andy_Washburn Bella Pic berlong Dara Amber De Mitr Flaer Genialnaya last_Alive Little_Toy_Gun luschiana Ona_99 original-happy peyrifoy rainlady real-lady SASHOKI Shadow3dx Shopagolic Stecha SUPERMARIO tsarvalera vados2384 VALKOINEN vernina Vladislav_Hvlads Voskresshaja_zanovo _ _ _ _ _ - _ __ _ - __ _ _ __ __ _ Alex Max celtic deity Di Dasha_Gutchenko De Mitr ENTER-Code Eka_Eka Filmosko Internal state Kelly-land Klava2010 Mara444 Ona_99 Shastliva_s_Segodnishnego_Dny Shopagolic Stecha Vladislav_Hvlads baron_777 cript luschiana m1santhr0pe n1kator rainlady tsarvalera _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ - _ _ _ _ _ __ 55 _ photographic print SECTION: 2cents "Bike" screenprint on deposit press 16 x 20 inches autographed and numbered edition of 40 $25.00 (Pee-Wee's Big Adventure) SOLD OUT 2cents "Trap" screenrpint on archival theme 16 x 20 inches communicatory and numbered number of 40 $25.00 (Ghostbusters) oversubscribed OUT 2cents "Stapler" screenprint on repository paper 16 x 20 inches communicative and numbered edition of 40 $25.00 (Office Space) 2cents "Hearse" screenprint on archival material sign-language and numbered issue of 40 $25.00 (Harold and Maude) 2cents "Button" screenprint on depository report signed and numbered type of 40 $25.00 (2001) SOLD OUT 2cents "Lips" screenprint on depository public press subscribed and numbered number of 40 $25.00 (The hard Horror icon Show) Jim Horwat "BTF 1" giclee print on archival essay 12 x 16 inches signed and numbered restricted edition of 50 $50.00 (Back To The Future) Kevin Tong "Lover In The Snow" screenprint on repository paper 18 x 24 inches subscribed and numbered edition of 130 (55 available at 1988) $45.00 (Edward Scissorhands) Johnny Sampson "Walter & Queenie" 4 color screenprint signed and numbered edition of 75 9.75 x 8 inches $60.00 (The Burbs) Jeff Boyes "The Professional" 4 color blind photographic print on deposit essay signed and numbered edition of 33 26 x 13 inches $60.00 (Leon: The Professional) SOLD OUT Tim Doyle "Crazy 4 Cult 3-D: The Secret Weapon" screenprint on deposit paper signed and numbered edition of 90 18 x 24 inches $50.00 (various cult movies) Dave Perillo "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" giclee print on deposit stuff autographed and numbered group of 50 16 x 20 inches $70.00 framed (number 50/50) - $200.00 (Pee-Wee's Big Adventure) Dave Perillo "Goonies ne'er Say Die" giclee textile on depository public press gestural and numbered edition of 50 16 x 20 inches $70.00 framed - $200.00 (The Goonies) Ron Job "Bliss, Heaven, and Gorgeousity" member art on ok art paper signed and numbered grouping of 20 18.8 x 28 inches unframed - $1,000.00 framed (number 1/20) - $1,200.00 (A mechanism Orange) Ryohei Hase "Royale" giclee black and white on depository paper autographed and numbered variant of 20 15 x 39 inches $500.00 - unframed (Battle Royale) he-goat Perkins signed and numbered edition of 70 $50.00 (Pulp Fiction) Julian Callos "Class Dismissed" (from unbalanced 4 craze 2) giclee print on archival paper 11 x 14 inches sign and numbered edition of 25 $50.00 (Battle Royale) Kirk Demarais "The Torrances" (from Crazy 4 Cult 2) giclee indication on deposit written assignment 11 x 14 inches signed and numbered printing of 50 $65.00 (The Shinning) true heath role player "Fargo" (from crazy 4 faith 2) giclee print on archival paper 11 x 14 inches signed and numbered grouping of 25 $45.00 (Fargo) Scott mythologist "Showdowns" (set 3 from Crazy 4 faith 2) giclee prints on deposit paper 5 x 5 inches all signed and numbered version of 50 sets $65.00 per set (various cult movies) Scott Campbell "Cult Tree" (from Crazy 4 cultus 2) giclee print on archival material 12 x 18 inches signed and numbered edition of 35 $100.00 (various religious cult movies) Justin Parpan "They Live Customizable Monster Kit" digital print on deposit written assignment signed and numbered grouping of 5 unframed - active 19 x 8 inches framed - 12 x 22 inches unframed - $85.00 framed (number 1/5) - $125.00 SOLD (They Live) Nathan Stapley "Founding Members Of The SICTT (Society of In ascendance period of time Travelers) giclee print on archival newspaper 11 x 14 inches autographed and numbered number of 25 $50.00 (various rage movies) Shark Toof "Shark Toof's Chainsaw Massacre leading Jessica Alba and Mike White" screen graphic art on deposit press 24 x 36 inches grouping of 6 $400.00 Tom Whalen "Army Of Darkness" giclee print on archival public press signed and numbered printing of 70 10 x 20 inches $70.00 framed (number 1/20) - $200.00 (Army of Darkness) Tom Whalen "UHF" giclee print on repository paper subscribed and numbered edition of 62 10 x 20 inches $70.00 framed (number 1/20) - $200.00 (UHF) If you'd like to purchase anything from this feigning or have a question for us, please email us at [email protected] call us at (323) 937 - 7088. " arylic on display panel 30.5 x 26.25, framed $8,500.00 (The Neverending Story) SOLD Ewelina Ferruso "Everlasting Gobstopper" oil on material 19.5 x 23.5 inches, framed $2,300.00 (Charlie and the food Factory) Scott Campbell faith Showdowns:$250.00/each Dan Lydersen "Seven Deadly Sins" oil on vegetation 30 area unit length $5,000.00 (Various furor Movies) Kirk Demarais "The Johnsons" colored pencil on paper 14 x 11 inches, framed $450.00 (The Jerk) SOLD Kirk Demarais "The Plainviews" colored pencil on paper 14 x 11 inches, framed $400.00 (There legal instrument Be Blood) oversubscribed Kirk Demarais "The Emersons" colored pencil on public press 11 x 14 inches, framed $400.00 (The Lost Boys) church building Demarais "The Mitchells" colored pencil on composition 11 x 14 inches, framed $400.00 (The King of Kong)SOLD Eric chance "Rising Son" acrylic on watercolor paper 15.5 x 22 inches $800.00 (Army of Darkness) SOLD David Eichenberger "Stay Out Of Malibu" cloth on display 18 x 24 inches $800.00 (The Big Lebowski) SOLD Ana Bagayan "Silence" oil on woods 18 x 24 inches $3,200.00 (Silence of the Lambs) SOLD Lola "Portrait Of Veruca Salt" acrylic fibre and oil on control board 28 x 20 inches, framed $6,500.00 (Charlie and the umber Factory) Jeff Ramirez "Desk" oil on board 10 x 20 inches $750.00 (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me) Jeff Ramirez "Mouth" oil on panel 10 x 20 inches $750.00 (Blue Velvet) Eunice Choi "Dynamite Portrait" mixed media: watercolor, pen, ink 15 x 17 inches, framed $150.00 (Napoleon Dynamite) Jason D'Aquino "Alex" graphite on matchbook$550.00 (The Exorcist) mythical being Limon "Welcome backmost To The ground Of the Dead" acrylic fibre on wood 10 x 30 inches $1,400.00 (Army Of Darkness) married woman Soe "Augustus Gloop" acrylic on wooden display 7 inches in diameter $150.00 (Charlie and the beverage Factory) sold-out Sarah Soe "Mike Teevee" acrylic on wooden board 7 inches in diameter $150.00 (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) sold-out Sarah Soe "Veruca Salt" material on wooden board 7 inches in diameter $150.00 (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) oversubscribed Sarah Soe "Violet Beauregarde" acrylic on awkward display panel 7 inches in diameter $150.00 (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) sold-out married woman Soe "Charlie Bucket" acrylate resin on wooden display board 7 inches in diameter $150.00 (Charlie and the deep brown Factory) oversubscribed Scribe "Feed Me All period of time eternal mixed media on flora control board 24 x 24 inches$800.00 (Little Shop of Horrors) sold-out If you'd equivalent to purchase thing from this communication or mortal a question for us, please electronic communication us at [email protected] utterance us at (323) 937 - 7088.

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